Lodge Hotel Facilities and Conference Venues

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If you are looking for a quiet and serene environment for a conference in Solihull, hotel lodges may be what you are looking for. Remember to check whether the hotel lodge has adequate conferencing facilities to cater for your needs. Hotel lodges can actually provide cheaper conferencing and accommodation charges compared to hotels that specialise in conferencing. Guests may also stay on after the conference to relax before resuming their day to day activities.

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Over the years, hotel lodges have become versatile and diversified to offer a variety of services to different people.

Accommodation for travellers 

Travellers who are far away from home can be accommodated in hotel lodges. While there are standards defining the type of accommodation available in lodges, there are still major differences in terms of quality. Hotel lodges usually offer a room with a comfortable bed and bathroom for its guests. The lodges also offer the travellers a chance to sample different cuisines including local delicacies. In some lodges, there may be laundry services but these are charged separately.

Wedding venues

Depending on the location, some lodges offer a perfect setting for an intimate and unique wedding. Traditional weddings, modern weddings, wedding receptions and parties can all be held in a hotel lodge. The wedding ceremony, reception and after party can all be held in the same location saving time that would be used to commute across venues. Besides, the headache of organising transport for guests is eliminated in this case. Wedding held at hotel lodges may also take advantage of the accommodation facilities for guests from far flung areas.

Party location

Whether you are looking for a quite setting for a private party or you are scouting for a location where you can set up for a modern and loud party, hotel lodges will be ideal. They are ideal for birthday parties, kid's parties, graduation parties or any other party. Some lodges will even provide food and drinks for the party but in other cases, they may allow you to carry your own.

Afternoon picnic

Some of the scenic hotel lodges can be used as picnic destinations for families and friends. Families could organise for an all-inclusive picnic where the children can engage in different activities as the adults catch up and have fun.

Team Building Activities

It has become common practice for companies to organise team building activities for their employees. Hotel lodges may offer the perfect venue for this.

Irrespective of your needs, you will always find a hotel lodge that can service those needs. However, always remember to compare quotes from different lodges for different activities before you settle on one.